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retreats at Raglan

Our intent is to create a world class retreat centre here at raglan. With the eco lodges at the core which will provide a private setting of 50 acres to roam, rewild and reconnect.

Escape and Relax

World-class conference facilities for a technological and yet deeply connected experience. And personalised food and beverage experience for you with private chef on hand.

We have run retreats and participated in retreats all over the world, we know the experience we wish to have, that’s what we want to create.
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Weekend Feeling

So if you run boutique retreats of between 15-30 people and want to be the first to experience the magnificence of raglan contact us now, And we can co create together.

Tell us what you really want, what would make ever big wows for your clients, whether that’s a fire walk, star gazing dome and simply all sitting round a log fire connecting properly in the evening in your own private estate. Lets us know we would love to hear from you
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